AMMRL Salaries 2005
- Academic NMR Facilities

Members of the Association of Managers in Magnetic Resonance Laboratories were surveyed about salary, years since the baccalaureate degree (to use American Chemical Society's measure of experience), size of their labs, and number of people reporting to them. They were asked to guess low, medium, or high cost of living in their area. The following information was reported by U.S. academics in late 2004, early 2005. This survey was carried out with the approval of the AMMRL Steering Committee.

averagestd dev
experience24 years7.75
total MHz1948872
cost of living2 (med)0.7

Graphical Presentation of the Survey results click thumbnail image to enlarge:

Salary distributions, by respondent (sorted by salary):  
Salary versus Yrs. experience (Post Baccalaureate):
Salary versus lab size (total MHz of NMR):
Salary versus cost of living:
Salary versus people reporting to Manager:

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